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The City, which was established by the order of Pergamon King II Attalos, took the name Attaleia between the years 159- 138 B.C. and got its current place surrounded by the inner and outer city walls.
Kaleici houses were able to keep their identity by being harmonized with the nature and each other and with their traditionally giving the sense of intimacy.
In this location; Aspen Hotel presents you all the architectural and cultural properties with the comfort and peaceful space of modern hotel management concept in a warm and candid attitude. You can view the beatiful scene of Toros Mountains, Kaleici and Marina from some of our rooms.
200m to Mermerli Beach, 200m to the Yacht Harbour, 15 km to the Antalya Airport, 40 km to Kemer, 40 km to Aspendos.

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