Outstanding Cappadocia

Pigeon valley viewpoint, Ortahisar, Keşlik monastery, Mustafapaşa, Göreme open air museum

On this tour can get a good overview of Christianity in Cappadocia, as you visit the early Christian churches in Göreme Open Air Museum and walk around in the most important Greek town in Cappadocia.


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• Pigeon valley viewpoint
• Ortahisar
• Keşlik monastery
• Mustafapaşa
• Göreme open air museum

Tour itinerary

The Outstanding Cappadocia Tour starts at 9.30 from our office after a cup of morning coffee or tea and finishes at about 5 pm. We pick you up from your hotel in Göreme at 9.15 - 9.20 or 9.00 from Ürgüp or Uçhisar.

The first stop is at Pigeon valley viewpoint, which has hundreds of old pigeon houses cut into the rock in the past. Throughout centuries farmers have used pigeon droppings as a fertilizer for their crops. The magnificent landscape of Cappadocia has been formed from solidified lava streams, ash and tuff stone from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The landscape you can see now is the result of thousands of years of continual erosion, which has shaped the tuff deposits into the strangest pyramids and cones. The guide gives you information about how the landscape was formed and the history of Cappadocia.

After that you go to Ortahisar which means "middle castle" in Turkish and as the name implies, it is situated between Göreme, Ürgüp, Uçhisar and Nevşehir. You go for a short walk in its old part which is an amazing place of abandoned and derelict dwellings, most of them unfortunately beyond repair.

Then you visit Keşlik monastery, surrounded by beautiful landscape. The monastery was built in volcanic tuff stone and used in the Byzantine era until the end of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s. Hollowed out in the 13th century, Keşlik monastery, also known as the Monastery of Archangels, has retained two churches and one of the biggest refectories in the area.

The next stop is in Mustafapaşa, which was originally known as Sinasos, an old village where Turks and Greeks lived side by side and where old Greek Stone houses can still be seen. The Greeks left the village during the exchange of populations in 1923 agreed in the Treaty of Lausanne, and many of the houses have been abandoned since then or later turned into hotels. First you have lunch and after that you take a short walk in the town to admire its beautiful Greek houses.

The last stop is at Göreme open air museum, the most famous tourist attraction in Cappadocia, a complex of ancient cave churches cut into the rock by Orthodox monks. There are 9 cave churches with beautiful frescoes in the museum. Along with rectories, dwellings and a religious school, they form a large monastic complex cut into the rock in the stunning landscape of Cappadocia.

The tour finishes with a cup of tea, apple tea or coffee in our office and after that we take you back to your hotel.

Additional comments

• This tour is guaranteed all year round.
• This tour requires the minimum of 2 people.
• This tour is also available in other languages for a surcharge.

Services included in the price

• Transport in a comfortable, AC, non-smoking minivan
• Professional, experienced and licensed local guide
• Lunch
• Entry fees to the museums and sights listed in the itinerary

Services not included in the price

• Beverages at lunch
• Non-mandatory but customary tips
• Personal travel insurance

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