Ephesus Tours

Full-day Ephesus Tour
Full-day Ephesus Tour

Ephesus is the best-preserved classical city on the Mediterranean, and perhaps the best place in the world to get the feeling for what life was like in Roman times.

Half-day Ephesus Tour
Half-day Ephesus Tour

Once the glorious Roman capital of Asia Minor, it was in Ephesus that Mark Anthony and Cleopatra rode in procession, St. Paul preached against the goddess Artemis, and St. John and the Virgin Mary spent their last days.

A visit to Ephesus, which in the Roman times was the commercial centre of the ancient world, is a must-do of any journey to Turkey. The ancient city of Ephesus is located in Selçuk, a small town 18 km from Kusşdası.

Being one of the greatest Ionian cities, it became the leading seaport of the region. Its wealth was proverbial at that time. In 550 BC a large temple to honour the Greek goddess Artemis was built, which was considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The town played a great role in the ancient times with its strategic location. Ephesus, located in a very fertile valley, also used to be a religious centre of the early Christianity and today it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey.

New Göreme Tour has both regular and private tours to Ephesus.

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