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3-day private Mount Nemrut Tour
3-day private Mount Nemrut Tour

If you want to enjoy your trip to Mount Nemrut and also visit the mysterious village, then our 3 days tour is the best choice.

3-day Private Eastern Turkey Tour
3-day Private Eastern Turkey Tour

On this tour you can walk in the beautiful streets of Mardin, see the oldest religious building in the world  and visit one of the four sacred cities.

At the meeting point of the Eastern and Western civilisations, Mount Nemrut is one of the most mysterious sites in Turkey. A collection of colossal statues on a remote mountain 2150 metres high, adorning the temple and tomb of King Antiochus is a sight both breathtaking and astonishing.

Mount Nemrut has become the most significant attraction in Eastern Turkey, with thousands of visitors trying to see the statues in the best possible light, either at sunrise or sunset. It has been designated a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO, and is one of the most important National Parks in the country. In addition to the statues, the entire site includes many monuments from the Commagene civilisation, like the Eski kale (Old Castle), Yeni kale (New Castle), Karakuş Hill and Cendere Bridge. The road to the summit is only open from mid-April to mid-October because of ice and heavy snow the rest of the year.

With our extensive knowledge of both the rich historical sites and the cultural heritage, you are certain to enjoy your journey into the heart of Eastern Turkey. Our guides are highly qualified to take you off the beaten track and show you all the hidden treasures. Eastern Anatolia is known for its friendliness, history and natural beauty. Our tours will bring you closer to the people so that you will experience their famous Turkish hospitality at its best.

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