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If you are short of time, or would like to see the sights of your choice at your own pace, then a private Cappadocia tour is the best choice for you. You can discover this enchanting landscape with a professional guide on a fascinating one- or two-day private Cappadocia tour. It will shed light on the life of the early Christians, their rock-carved churches and their art with magnificent frescoes. You can also walk between the fairy chimneys and wonder about the lives of people there.
One of the characteristics of Cappadocia is having numerous underground cities. It is known that there are more than a hundred underground settlements in the area. When you go eight floors down to Derinkuyu underground city (almost 55 m), you will be amazed how people managed to live so deep underground and even build churches and schools there. Your private tour guide will explain all the details and show the most important things. You can also get information about the early Christianity in Cappadocia or any other subject which might interest you.
If you have just one day at your disposal, then our One-day Express Private Tour is the best choice for you, as it is the only tour which includes the two top sights of Cappadocia, the Göreme Open Air Museum and Derinkuyu underground city.
With New Göreme Tour, each adventure is private, flexible and customized to meet your needs. Start and end your private Cappadocia tour whenever you want, make itinerary changes as you like. With your own private VIP van, driver and a skilled local guide, you are in control.
You can choose among our five proposed one-day itineraries as many as you wish or we can tailor the itinerary for you, depending on your interests.  In addition to tours in English, private tours are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese and Russian. If you book more than one day, we will give you a 10% discount on cash payment.
Since ancient times the most popular crafts in Cappadocia have been ceramics, wine making and carpet weaving. Avanos has been a center of pottery making for thousands of years. The ceramic trade in this area and its numerous pottery workshops date right back to the Hittites. Some of the techniques and designs used by potters today date back to this period and the ceramic clay from the red silt of the Kızılırmak river has always been used. In Avanos you can watch potters spinning their traditional kick-wheels with their feet, producing incredible pieces of art, and even try making a pot yourself.
Archaeological evidence suggests that winemaking here goes back more than 7,000 years, but the Hittites played the biggest part in developing vineyards, creating classifications and exporting wine to Assyrian and Sumerian lands between 1800 BC and 1400 BC. Later, the early Christians developed further the cultivation methods for the vineyards and there were wineries in all monastic complexes here.
The carpet is a gift from the Turkish people to world civilization. The knotted rug, the earliest samples of which have been found in Central Asia where the Turks used to live, is an art form discovered, developed and presented to the world by the Turks. In order to protect themselves from the cold of the Central Asian steppes, where they used to live, the Turks invented the carpet using lamb’s wool which was abundant. Turks have taken this art form with them and spread it wherever they travelled. Anatolian carpets and kilims with their lively colors, motifs, patterns and superior quality have a universal reputation. Natural dyes are used and many families have kept their knowledge of which leaves, flowers, roots and vegetables would yield the most radiant colors, so Cappadocia is the best place to buy carpets of the highest quality.
A visit to a traditional pottery workshop in Avanos, a local manufacturer of hand-made carpets or wine tasting at the local Kocabağ winery in Uçhisar can be added to any private tour itinerary at no extra cost.
Tour 1: Essential Cappadocia
On this tour you get a good overview of the versatiliy of Cappadocia: see a variety of different rock formations, visit the highest and lowest points
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Tour 2: Highlights of Cappadocia
On this tour you can visit the widest underground city in Cappadocia, see the only Roman mosaics found in the area and admire the magnificent frescoes
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Tour 3: Outstanding Cappadocia
On this tour can get a good overview of Christianity in Cappadocia, as you visit the early Christian churches in Göreme Open Air Museum and walk arou
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Tour 4: Off-the-beaten-track Cappadocia
On this tour you get an opportunity to visit some fabulous sights in Cappadocia that even many locals do not know like the only underground city with
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Tour 5: Hiking in Cappadocia
On this tour you can combine the good physical exercise of walking 14 kilometers with a cultural experience of visiting numerous early Christian churc
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One-day Express Private Tour
If you have just one day at your disposal, then our One-day Express Private Tour is the best choice for you, as it is the only tour which includes the
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