Living Heritage Museum

Have you ever thought about the bygone culture of Cappadocia? Have you ever wondered about the hide stories behind this ancient locality?

Have you ever thought about the bygone culture of Cappadocia? Have you ever wondered about the hide stories behind this ancient locality? so, if your answer is yes; in this museum you can discover these secrets.
Whole of the Museum
Tour itinerary
This museum is including 4 floors and 12 rooms that in everyone of the floors, you discover a differential sight!
- Black Eye: Starting with Puppet Drama (Black Eye in Turkish) that the battalion doll plays it in different shines. The Puppets are handmade and most of them have been making with camel's skin. The puppeteer has some special options to play drama, and all things depends on the master. We can call it conceptualization show, means you should merge yourself on that!
- Crafts Room: Producing many form of woods with different designs on them for pressing on the textile and making beautiful bags, shirts or everything that you like with your own hands! And also all of the designs are meaningful.
- Paper Marbling (Ebru Art): That's a method of water-based colour design. In this art, the professionals use stylus with long sheafs for dashing the colours on the water. Also, you can do it for yourself, too! At the end of the dashing, the guiders will put a paper on the water surface, after taking it out, you will see the unimaginable paint that you creat it!
- Carpet Weaving: weaving the carpets and rugs with silk! people in the past times, used many different options for weaving. This ancient art was really famous and popular in Asia. Most of the people used these handmade carpets and rugs in their house. The carpets made from original silk. They will show the way of weaving and also you can try it if you are wonder about it!
Life Floor
- Dining Room: Try to feel yourself in past on that sensation. When you enter this room, you absolutely feel a family full of love. The circle table which is in the middle of room, shows you the family connecting alliances.
- Kitchen: You can see so many amazing options for cooking that you have never seen before there and also learning about keeping the foods safe without being refrigerator!
- Herbal Room: You enter to a roomwith an unimaginable smell. You are going to learn about special signs with different mentality about superstitions in the past. While you are listening to the guide, you will find it out some of these superstitions have been seen in our lives.
- Game Room: Have you ever wondered about the old games? There are many options to play that we have never seen! Take a deep breath! You are going to go back to your childhood.
- Story Room: Would you like to hear different stories? Had you heard story from your parents when you were a child? Get yourself ready! You are going to hear new stories!
- Living Room(Speaking Room): The oldest person in the family sits on the special chair in top of the roomwhose wearing such a special dress and the others sit on the sofa like U. Showing everything like old tims, something about 200 years before! Speaking with that accent and talking about history of the Cappadocia, absolutely will be really fascinating for you! If you be interest on playing a verbaly game, here is the place that you can do it!
- Bride's Room: Have you ever heard something about the custom of bride and wedding in the past? If not, I recommend you to go there!
- Love Room: Do you want to experience the most beautiful feel of the world? You can find it out here! Being in this room will definitely recommend you. How is a real lover? You will hear somethings interesting about the real lover's personality. It will be including Dervish(Sema) Dance. Having an awesome show in the role of a grandfather who speaks of love. At the last part o this room, you will see the playing Tar that creats an unexplained feeling in you as feel with each capillary of your body.
Services included in the price
- Pick Up from Hotel - Drop Off to Hotel - Entrance fees - Dervish (Sema) Dance
Services not included in the price
- Ebru art - Crafts - Carpet Weaving (If you want to do them for yourself, the price will be on you)

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