Ürgüp is about 7 kilometers from Göreme and is a relatively big modern town catering for the needs of tourists as well as locals. It is also a market town for the whole area on Saturdays.

Ürgüp has grown enormously over the last twenty years or so in response to the needs of the tourist industry, and is now a major shopping centre, especially for carpets, jewellery, antiques, leather, ceramics, and hookahs (water pipes). A permanent handicrafts market (the El Sanatlar) offers a variety of souvenirs and the Turkish Bath (hamam) is popular both among tourists as well as locals. Ürgüp has some lively nightlife with discos and bars. Ürgüp is also known for its wineries (Turasan) which offer free wine testing all year round.

The old cave dwellings of Ürgüp are now principally used for storage but there are still some strikingly beautiful houses of Greek and Ottoman origin around the town which have been restored.

High above the town there is a "wishpoint". The road there is spectacular as it starts opposite the 13th century Kebir Camii (mosque), then follows a long passage to the top of Temenni, the hill of wishes, where you can see the Seljuk tomb of Kılıçarslan IV, a park where you can relax and admire the view and a medrese (Islamic college) which is now a cafe.

One of the most famous sights, the 'Three beauties of Ürgüp' can be seen on our Underground City Tour, the Winter Special Tour 2 and private Essential Cappadocia Tour.

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