Red and Rose Valleys (Kızılcukur, Güllüdere)

Red and Rose valleys wind out from the backside of Çavuşin and end up either at the sunset point near Ortahısar or at Kaya Camping above Göreme Open Air. There are many smaller valleys: Güllüdere, Kızılcukur, Meskendir and Zindanonu. Rose and Red valleys get their names from the reddish rose-colored rock that varies in hue and intensity depending on time of day, season and weather conditions. It is a must visit in Cappadocia as the orchards, vineyards, rock churches and fairy chimneys all blend together to create an unforgettable landscape. Meskendir valley starts behind Kaya Camping on Göreme - Ürgüp road and is 4400 m long, passing through several tunnels. Within the valley is the Meskendir Church and numerous pigeon houses, cut into the steep sides of the valley.

The Golden Tour and Hiking Tour 1 take you for a guided hike in Red, Rose and Meskendir valleys. There is also a 3-hour Rose valley guided hiking tour available to the same valleys.

Red and Rose Valleys (Kızılcukur, Güllüdere) Red and Rose Valleys (Kızılcukur, Güllüdere)
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