Keşlik Monastery

Keşlik monastery is located close to Mustafapaşa. The monastery was built in volcanic tuff stone and used in the Byzantine era until the end of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s. Hollowed out in the 13th century, Keşlik monastery, also known as the Monastery of Archangels, has retained two churches and its refectory. The Black Church has two parallel naves, both of which end in an apse. Unfortunately the frescoes in this church have been blackened with smoke over the centuries and are difficult to make out. Next to it is the refectory, a huge room which could house 100 people and which is divided in two spaces by arcades. Dug out from the rock in the 9th century, the Church of St Stephen is situated 50 m from the monastery. The most beautiful frescoes, painted in shades of bright yellow and orange, can be seen in this church. Due to many robbers and military conflicts in the region, the monks also had a safe room and when they were in danger, they could close the door by a big and heavy millstone and escape through a tunnel under the monastery and garden.

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Keşlik Monastery Keşlik Monastery
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