Güzelyurt is a quaint little former Greek town of Gelveri with 1700 years of history and a beautiful view of Hasan Dağ (Mount Hasan, 3258 m), another volcano that helped form the region.

Güzelyurt (‘Beautiful place’ in Turkish) is most well-known as the home of St Gregory of Nazianus (St Gregory the Theologian, c.329-389), one of the so-called Cappadocian Fathers whose writings and teachings helped establish some of the fundamental principles of Christianity.

In 1924 the Greeks of Gelveri moved to Nea Karvali outside the Thracian town of Kavala. Every July some of their descendants return to Güzelyurt to remember their ancestry in a whirlwind of festivities alongside the descendants of Turks from Kozan and Kastoria who arrived to take their place.

On one side of Güzelyurt a noticable stone structure perches on top of a rock overlooking the man-made Gelveri Gölü (Lake Gelveri). This is a monastic complex consisting of the 19th-century Yüksek Kilise (High Church), also known as the Analipsis Kilise (Ascension Church), and a block containing monastic cells and a small refectory with superb views towards Hasan Dağı.

Yüksek Kilise is included in our Canyon Hiking Tour.

Güzelyurt Güzelyurt
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