Gaziemir, which is located between Kaymakli and Ihlara valley, has probably the only underground caravanserai in the world. It was opened to public in 2007, and has a 10 metres long entrance hall built into stone with overlap technique that can also be seen in Hattusha, the capital city of Hittites. The corridor leads to an open area which is surrounded by all other parts of the underground settlement. The open area was full of mud that had been carried by floods, thus blocking the entrance to the settlement.

Many remains found during clearing work indicate that the underground settlement was already used during the Byzantine period. Two churches, food storages, a kitchen with tandoor ovens, a winery with many wine barrels, living areas, stables, a Turkish bath and even a prison and a watchtower can be seen in the underground settlement. This settlement differs from the others in that its passageways are much higher and wider. The fact that many of the corridors are wide enough for a camel to pass through, places carved into the rock to tie animals to and numerous camel bones found suggest that the place was later used as a caravanserai when enemy invasion was no longer a threat.

Gaziemir underground caravanserai can be visited on our Canyon Hiking Tour.

Gaziemir Gaziemir
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