Ağzıkara Han Caravanseray

Agzıkarahan is an important 13 th century caravanserai belonging to the Seljuk period, located some 15 km north-east of Aksaray. The building was started in 1231 under Alaattin Keykubat and was completed under Giyaseddin Keyhusrev in 1239. It has a bath house (hamam), soup kitchen and summer and winter residences. Agzıkarahan consists of two parts: a square courtyard surrounded by semi-open spaces, and a fully-enclosed space of a rectangular plan. The semi-open spaces are located along the three sides of the courtyard while the the north side has the entrance portal opening to the closed section of the building, which consists of five naves. At the centre of the courtyard is a kiosk masjid. There is a watch room at the top over the south side of the semi-open space, which can be reached by a staircase at the south façade in the courtyard.

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