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» Cappadocia
Cappadocia is one of the most important tourist destinations of Turkey, visited every year by hundreds of thousands of travellers from all over the world. Cappadocia
» Göreme Open Air Museum
The most famous attraction in Cappadocia is Göreme Open Air Museum, a complex of medieval painted
» Derinkuyu Underground City
The town of Derinkuyu (about 40 km south from Nevşehir) is notable for its large multi-level unde
» Ihlara Valley
Ihlara is situated at about 40 km from Aksaray, near the town of Güzelyurt, and it is widely know
» Paşabağ
Paşabağ in is located on the road to Zelve, about 7 km from Göreme. Highly remarkable stone pil
» Pigeon Valley (Güvercinlik vadisi)
Pigeon valley is situated between Göreme and Uçhisar and is ideal for walking, as the trek is re
» White Valley (Akvadi) and Honey Valley (Bağlıdere)
White and Honey valleys (the latter is better known as Love Valley) are relatively easy to walk. T
» Avanos
Avanos, (Venessa in ancient times), is situated about 10 km from Göreme on the banks of the longe
» Çavuşin
Çavuşin village, located about halfway between Avanos and Göreme, is surrounded by a valley whi
» Zelve Open Air Museum
Zelve open-air museum, which once was the home of one of the largest communities in the region, is
» Ortahisar
Ortahisar» Ürgüp
Ürgüp is about 7 kilometers from Göreme and is a relatively big modern town catering for the ne
» Mustafapaşa (Sinasos)
The village of Mustafapaşa (formerly known as Sinasos), situated 6 km to the south of Ürgüp,
» Sultan Sazlığı Bird Paradise
This wetland, located in the middle of the Yeşilhisar-Develi Plain and known as Sultansazlığı (Sultan Marsh), consists of a freshwater marsh covered with reeds in its southern section, the sa
» Gaziemir
Gaziemir, which is located between Kaymakli and Ihlara valley, has probably the o
» Kaymaklı Underground City
Kaymaklı underground city is built under the hill known as the Citadel of Kaymaklı and was opene
» Uçhisar
Uçhisar is a troglodyte village situated 4 km east of Göreme. It is famous for the huge rock for
» Selime monastery
One of the most unexpected surprises in Cappadocia is the wonderful rock-cut monastery in Selime,
» Yaprakhisar
Yaprakhisar is located across the river from Selime, to the south. In a massive volcanic rock outc
» Soğanlı valley
Soğanlı is about 36 km south of Mustafapaşa, with interesting hiking trails, several old church
» Sobessos
Sobessos is the only late-Roman/early-Byzantine settlement in Cappadocia, located in the southeast
» Devrent valley
Devrent valley, also known as Imagination valley, is famous for its red colour lunar landscape wit
» Zemi Valley
Zemi valley runs for about 5 km from the Ürgüp – Nevşehir road to Göreme next to the Tourist Hotel. Another option is to start in Göreme and do a loop goin
» Swords Valley (Kılıclar vadisi)
On the road which leads up to Göreme Open Air Museum are tracks that will lead to Swords valley (
» Red and Rose Valleys (Kızılcukur, Güllüdere)
Red and Rose valleys wind out from the backside of Çavuşin and end up either at the sunset point near Ortahısar or at Kaya Camping above Göreme Open Air. There ar
» Ağzıkara Han Caravanseray
Agzıkarahan is an important 13 th century caravanserai belonging to the Seljuk period, located so
» Tatların
Tatların underground city
» Güzelyurt
Güzelyurt is a quaint little former Greek town of Gelveri with 1700 years of his
» Keşlik monastery
Keşlik monastery is located close to Mustafapaşa. The monastery was built in vo
» Kocabağ winery
Kocabağ is a family owned wine producer and viticulture company located in Uçhisar.
» Gülşehir
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